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hello my name is ken-roy (djmoen) English  


Ken Roy
ServerManager Admin
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17/04/2018 9:04 am  


Hi I'm ken-roy most know me as djmoen the server manager.

I am 19 years old and in free time I like to play with friends tekkit I like cycling and enjoy working on the server.

I work as everyone knows the server as manager you have a lot of tasks such as working on the shop watching the staff ensure that everyone gets their rank when buying. I also take care of the events prizes and am very active in the server and behind the scenes.

Why do I join the network?

This comes every time by a very good friend mikey Kingofthedeadnl.

When I first spoke to him it was via the Playstation3 when we played mw3 then we got to know each other quickly and noticed that we shared almost the same hobbies. For example he played Minecraft and me too.

he then had a network with a friend I had done a aply for the first time and was hired as helper the friendship with mikey continued to grow when we started a network for the first time. Now it is almost 5 years later and we have Absolutemc the first big project that I took on as Server Manager

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