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Staff rules:
- Behave professionally against your fellow players / friends.
- Do not let your rank play a role in making a faction or in any of the other game modes.
- Items that have been spawned or received with / kit in any way to other players / staff is strictly forbidden.
- It is forbidden to penalize a person and provide a direct demo!
- Use gadgets when not necessary (For fun) is strictly forbidden!
- Screenshare always when in doubt, only if it is really not necessary.
- Duplicates, cheating, mud is not allowed!
- Always punish according to the ban policy!
- Scold, challenge, push is not allowed!
- Remain professional against others, even if others misbehave!
- Misbehaving yourself on a different account / alt gives you a demo and a ban!
- Discussing with other staff / lead is not allowed in the public chat!
- Starting a faction with friends is allowed! But kits / enchants may not be passed on if they are inpainped with / kit (name)
- Ending AFK without switching on / off is not allowed!
- Behave towards YT'ers / Famous people!
- Do not play a fanboy as a staff!
- Behave happily / open to other players.
- People with donator rank do not receive better treatment as normal players.

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