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Discord rules

- Any sort of inappropriate content (this includes NSFW content) will lead to kick and/or ban depending on how inappropriate it is.

- Frequent posting of the same content in a short period of time (spam) can lead to kicks or bans.

- Don't say and/or joke about selfharm, cancer, rape and/or "kms/kys".

- Don't share personal information or pictures of others without their permission.

- Don't accuse anyone, bring it up to a staff member.

- Don't create drama on the server, fix problems in PMs if possible.

- Impersonating another person is prohibited.

- Verbal abuse/harassment towards other members is prohibited.

- Always respect other members.

- Be considerate of other people in general.

- Don't use @everyone or players/staff whitout a fallid reason

- Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harmware results in an immediate and permanent ban.


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